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Agya Koo

Agya Koo
 Agya Koo
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Kofi Adu aka Agya Koo (born c. 1970) is a Ghanaian actor and comedian. He has appeared in hundreds of Ghana movies, such as Obaatanpa, Black Star,and Ma Trick Wo, and has won awards for them.

Kofi Adu was originally from the Ashanti Region of Ghana but he lived in a suburb in Accra Newtown called Asantewaa lotto kiosk. He was discovered on a Ghanaian comedy show on GTV (National Television Station) that took place at the National Theatre in Accra where he performed as a comedian as a side attraction to a drama show.

In July 2008 he was awarded a National Award by then Ghanaian President, John Agyekum Kufuor.


Agya Koo started out as a comedian on the ‘Key Soap Concert Party,’ but it was his entry into the film industry in 1999 that launched his flourishing career.


We are of the opinion that Agya koo is the original SEX SYMBOL; Van Vicker doesn’t even come close.


Kofi Adu professionally known as Agya Koo was born and raised in Kumasi, Ashanti region. His booming career began in the early 90s as a comedian on the “key Soap Concert Party,” where he took up and maintained the stage name Agya Koo. In 1999, Agya Koo made his big screen début on the popular movie “Kumasi Yonko.”

In a bid to entertain his audiences Agya Koo incorporated comedic element in his roles making him an instant hit with audiences. Nonetheless, it was his role in “Obi nnim Awie ye,” that made him a household name, and a force to be reckoned with in the local movie genre. Agya Koo has starred in numerous movies so far and has in recent times added coaching (acting) to his resume.


Agya koo has been married for fifteen years and has three children.


“It is up to anybody to decide whether they feel English movie is good for them. If it is, they should go for them while we also patronize our local ones.”-Agya Koo“

In fact, I sometimes find it very hard to understand why Ghanaians want to learn other country’s language first before theirs. It’s very absurd. When you watch foreign movies like Chinese and Indian, they use their own languages and interpret them for others to understand; so why can’t we also use our local language and interpret it as well.”-Agya Koo“

Majority behave nicely towards me. I have also received a lot of insult from people. Some also threaten me on phone; at times too people throw stones at me…,”-Agya Koo“

…proverb said in the local language is more pleasing in the ears than in English. So I rest my case.”-Agya Koo


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